Doing harvest with WM Presta : what you need to know

WM Presta provides several guarantees to its employees during the harvest.

We are also listed in the directory created by the institutions organizing the sector (the Champagne Committee and the Syndicat Général des Vignerons – SGV) as a Champagne Wine Service Provider committed to the Social Transparency of its seasonal workers.

Please find below what you need to know about coming to WM Presta as a seasonal worker :


By working for WM Presta :

BEFORE YOUR ARRIVAL : all declarations / paperwork mandatory for your hiring are made before, so we must collect a copy of your identity card/passport before your arrival in France ;


  • You will sign a contract with WM Presta. The duration of the harvest is usually +/- 12-14 days (including weekly rest)
  • You must comply with the safety instructions given by WM Presta or its representative for the work for which you were hired ;

AT THE END OF YOUR CONTRACT : WM Presta will give you the mandatory documents for the end of your contract and your salary. Don’t forget to bring your bank identity in order to we transfer your wage in your bank account.



    • WM Presta pays all the costs of your transportation to come in France and then back to your country
    • Transportation to the different areas of work is also bear by WM Presta ;


    • For foreign employees or employees who don’t have accommodation, WM Presta finds accommodation solutions and pays all the booking;
    • Hosted employees must respect the internal regulations of each accommodation;
    • Don’t forget to come with your bed linen (sleeping bag and sheets) and towels.


      Here below some information to know for doing harvest with WM Presta :

      • The duration of the harvest is usually +/- 12-14 days (including weekly rest);
      • You will be in team with a French team leader who will be your contact and coordinator with WM Presta. Don’t’ hesitate to go forward him in case of question
      • WM Presta provides the necessary equipment for carrying out the work (buckets, secateurs, mandatory equipment, water supply, etc.)
      • We also provide you a hat, t-shirt and an individual bottle to fill with water every morning. Please note that in France water from tap is drinkable. We ensure drinking water supplies during the day.
      • Don’t forget to come with closed shoes, your sunglasses and clothes for the rain and covering clothing adapted to the weather during harvest ;
      • A welcome booklet with all the safety instructions in your native language is available here and in your contract enable you to read it anytime in case time


      Informations above are not exhaustive.